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Microsoft announced new Surface computers this week and one detail caught the eye, even though with little time to highlight the presentation: some can be opened and can be upgraded to SSD. The curious thing is that in the Surface Pro X model the only tool needed to access the internal memory is a smartphone SIM card drawer ejector.

removable ssd microsoft surface pro x

When computers start to take the shape of a tablet, two points enter the scene and hinder the life of those who want to open the PC: design and internal logistics. On the design side, everything turns into one piece on the back side and another piece on the front, removing the already rare notebook entries to change the internal memory or RAM.

On the internal logistics side, there is the challenge of squeezing components to give more space to the battery, for example. All of this makes it difficult to upgrade anything, but the new Surface are starting to change that story – very little, but they do.

During the presentation, the software giant showed that only a SIM card ejector that comes with almost any smartphone (and can easily be replaced by a paper clip or earring) is required to access the Surface Pro X SSD. a smaller M.2, a square that can be replaced without a problem with a Torx.

inner surface laptop 3

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 can be opened

On the Surface Laptop 3, the work is not that simple, but it is still possible to change the SSD for a bigger one – or change it if it stops working out of nowhere. The problem is that none of the cases were treated by the company as something that should be done by the product owner. Panos Panay, who is the product director for the Microsoft Devices group, commented that the user can take their Surface to a company store and she will switch to a new SSD.

For now the internal memory is the only part that can be exchanged, even with the help of a technician authorized by Microsoft. To The Verge, the software giant commented that RAM cannot be accessed.

It’s little, but it’s a friendlier world than iPads that don’t allow any of that.

With information: The Verge.

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