New iPhone SE could launch in 2020 for $ 399 | Cell phone

Apple may be close to launching the second generation of iPhone SE, which is a more economical version of the brand’s smartphone. The most recent rumor, fanned by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, guarantees that this smartphone will be launched at the beginning of next year and costing US $ 399.

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE was launched in 2016, right after the iPhone 6S and received exactly the same processor as its more muscular brother, but saved in other points like the smaller screen and resolution, simpler front camera, smaller capacity battery and also in the absence of 3D Touch.

All of this made its launch price almost hit half of the iPhone 6S and it could happen again in 2020. The rumor of a second generation of the gadget is not new, but Kuo says that this model will be presented to the world during the first quarter of 2020 and prices start at $ 399. It’s the same launch value as your first generation.

In addition to the release date, the analyst guarantees that this model will carry the same A13 chip as the iPhones 11, 3 GB of RAM, 64 GB or 128 GB of internal memory and, like the iPhones launched this year, will not bring the 3D Touch. Finally, the information released by Kuo ensures that the design of the new iPhone SE will not be boxy like that of the first generation, but rather rounded and looking like an iPhone 8.

If the price really follows what the analyst promises, it could mean that the user can find a recent iPhone, with the same firepower as the current iPhones and with almost half the cost necessary to take the gadget home.

With information: MacRumors.

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