New generation of Chromecast appears in store before launch

The Chromecast hasn’t undergone a major update in three years, but that is about to change: a Reddit user happened to discover that Best Buy placed a new version of the device in one of its stores in the United States before the official launch . It was a mistake – or at least it seems to be one.

Identifying yourself as GroveStreetHomie, the user who discovered the device reports on Reddit that he went to Best Buy to buy a Chromecast for his new TV. He also said that he noticed that the packaging was different, but thought it was just a change in the look.

Supposed new Chromecast

Upon arriving at the checkout, however, the person who answered it was unable to register the sale, as the product will only be released in the store system on October 9. This is precisely the date that Google chose for an event that will likely reveal the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The recent discovery suggests that the new Chromecast will be announced the same day.

GroveStreetHomie managed to take the likely new Chromecast because the sale was registered as being for a unit of the current model. However, upon arriving home, he was unable to configure the device. This procedure depends on an update to the Google Home app that has not yet been released.

At least you can observe external changes. Photos released by 9to5Google show that the new Chromecast maintains its circular shape with an HDMI cable protruding from it, but is a little thicker than the current model and has had the glossy finish replaced by a matte coating. In addition, the Chrome symbol gave way to a Google ‘G’, like the Chromecast Ultra. The micro-USB port was maintained.

Supposed new Chromecast

Supposed new Chromecast

The possibility that this is just a mere change in the look of the Chromecast is not ruled out, but the clues do play in favor of a new version of the device.

It starts with the release date on the Best Buy system: it is very coincidental that it is on the 9th. We also take into account that, in August, an update to the Chromecast was approved by the FCC (United States agency equivalent to Anatel). The documentation points out that the device will have improvements in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals.

Google did not comment on the matter.

With information: Android Police.

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