New Digital Traffic Card warns about CNH recall and expiration

Hitchhiking at Salão Duas Rodas, the Ministry of Infrastructure started the week with the announcement of the new version of the Digital Transit Card (CDT), application for Android and iPhone that concentrates the functions of National Driver’s License (CNH) and Certificate of Registration and Vehicle Licensing (CRLV).

Free and developed by Serpro, the application is a kind of evolution of CNH Digital. The novelty brings changes to the interface and, in addition to providing access to driver and vehicle documents (CNH and CRLV, respectively), it provides complementary services.

Digital Transit Card

The application can send the driver, for example, CNH expiration notice and, as a highlight of this update, vehicle recall notifications with guidance on the problem (such as the risks if the repair is not carried out and ways of contacting the manufacturer) and the steps that must be taken for resolution.

Marcello Costa, National Land Transport Secretary, highlights that this is the third evolution of the application. The first was the launch of the app, in October 2017; the second, which took place in August 2018, was the inclusion of the CRLV in the tool.

The possibility of paying fines directly at the CDT is scheduled for 2020. The application already provides information about infractions and, when it allows the payment of them, it can offer discounts of up to 40%.

It is worth remembering that the digital versions of CNH and CRLV work even without access to the internet and have the same legal value as their paper versions.

For those who already have the Digital Traffic Card, just wait for the automatic update of the application. For those who don’t have it, you can find guidelines for obtaining the CDT on the Serpro website.

With information: Agency Brazil.

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