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THE Netflix will allow you to turn off the warning “Is anyone watching?”. The streaming platform confirmed, on Tuesday (6), that it is testing a new option to disable the alert that appears after watching two episodes of series in a row without interacting with the controls of the device where the content is being played.

Netflix / Image: David Balev / Unsplash

Netflix tests option to turn off warning “Is anyone watching?”

The information was confirmed by the The Verge. According to the specialized website, when displaying the alert, the user will also be able to choose the option “Play without asking again”. If you choose this alternative, the warning will not appear after two episodes without interaction with the device.

The novelty is still in the testing phase and limited to some users, who celebrated the arrival of the new button on social networks, such as Twitter and TikTok. But it is worth remembering that, although it is sometimes uncomfortable, the warning can be useful when the user falls asleep, for example, so as not to miss any episode of the series being played.

“We do this so that you don’t get lost in episodes or consume unnecessary data if you’re not really watching,” explains Netflix, in its help center. “You can ignore the message and continue watching or disable the automatic start of the next episode.”

There is no provision for when the option to turn off the warning “Is anyone watching?” will reach the final version and all users.

With information: Netflix and The Verge

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