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Every new subscriber to Netflix you can try the service for 30 days without paying anything. This is a great way to attract users to the platform, yet the company has been testing another strategy: giving free access to certain series episodes.

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This idea was put into practice recently in India as a way to publicize the series Bard of Blood. Also Indian, this production was made available on Netflix’s collection last week.

Emraan Hashmi, actor who stars in the series, came to disclose on social networks that the first episode of Bard of Blood is available to anyone (in India) without subscription:

It is not the first time that Netflix has resorted to this move: recently, the company also released the first episode of the Spanish series Elite in Mexico and Colombia. In both countries, production has been quite successful.

Asked about the strategy, the company said in a note that it is experimenting with different ways of bringing people closer to great stories and that it does not rule out the possibility of repeating the approach with other series and films.

Although Netflix did not reveal its intentions explicitly, it is obvious that the company’s goal with the strategy is one: to win more subscribers – if the user likes the series, they will subscribe to the service to watch the other episodes.

Bard of Blood

Bard of Blood

In India, this idea may have more expressive results because, in the country, Netflix offers a plan that works only on mobile phones and costs the equivalent of R $ 11 per month. You know, a low value is also a great gimmick.

There are good chances that Netflix will repeat the idea of ​​free episodes in other countries, after all, in times of fierce competition – Apple TV + and Disney + are coming – the exclusive content ends up being the main weapon of the platform to attract subscribers.

If so, consider exploring ways to expose potential users to these productions – free samples exist because they work.

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