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Netflix tends to release audience data when it hits significant brands, like what happened to the movie Mystery in the Mediterranean, starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, and with the third season of Stranger Things. The company, however, decided to reveal how it counts its audience.

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The explanation was made in a letter sent to the British Parliament, which analyzes the impact of services on demand on public TV. According to Netflix, viewers of its productions are classified into three groups: beginners (starters), finishers (completers) and observers (watchers).

Beginners are users who watch up to two minutes of a movie or series episode. The finalizers, in turn, are those who watch at least 90% of a film or an episode. Observers are those who watch at least 70% of the content.

In the letter, the company says it believes that the metrics for beginners and finishers provide directors and producers of films and series “a broader understanding of how users engage with their title from start to finish”.

The numbers sent by Netflix to its partners include the audience of a production in the first 7 and 28 days on the platform. Based on them and other reports, the company decides whether a production should be canceled or not.

“We want to help creators understand how their original titles behave as soon as they’re released,” said Netflix. “To that end, we have recently started to share metrics more consistently with UK directors and producers about their individual shows and films.”

With information: The Verge.

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