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Netflix releases have gained more prominence for those who use the service on TVs. Now, it is possible to see new productions in the “Most Recent” tab, which gathers films and series that have just been launched or will arrive on the platform in the coming days.

Netflix releases tab with launches in app for TVs

The section started appearing on Monday (19) for users of Netflix apps for Smart TVs, consoles and devices like Chromecast and Fire TV Stick. It displays featured movie and series trailers and allows you to set reminders for when titles that have not yet premiered are released.

According to Variety, the highlights in the release tab will be updated several times a day and will take into account the preferences of each person. The novelty should create an expectation about what is yet to be released, in addition to helping users to decide more quickly what they will watch.

Netflix’s product innovation director Cameron Johnson compared the new tab with the trailers people watch when they go to the movies. “People love this experience,” he said in an interview with Variety.

The Netflix application for Android already has the tab “Coming soon”, which brings together the next releases and which should be taken to iOS. Now, the platform takes a similar solution for TVs in an attempt to present its catalog and prevent users from migrating to services like Disney + and Apple TV +.

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