Netflix reaches 5 billion DVDs shipped | Business

Before becoming a streaming giant, Netflix started operating as a DVD rental company by mail. This modality never arrived in Brazil, but it is still available in the United States and reached a historic milestone: on Monday (26), the fifth billionth DVD was sent to someone who still consumes movies on physical media. employee celebrates fifth billionth DVD shipped (Photo: Netflix)

The milestone was celebrated by employees at the office of, Netflix’s subsidiary responsible for physical media, with the right to cake, balloons and a real-time counter of the DVDs sent.

The 5,000,000,000 DVD was the science fiction comedy A Pirate in Space (RocketMan, in the original title), from 1997, in which a clumsy programmer is called in to replace an injured astronaut on a manned mission to Mars. And no, there was no simpler way to watch the movie: it’s not in the Netflix streaming catalog.

Netflix’s DVD mail service currently has 2.4 million subscribers in the US market, according to Variety, against 151 million streaming platform payers around the world. Physical media are shipped from 17 distribution centers across the United States. At its peak, the company even operated about 50 hubs.

Android / Netflix DVD app interface / how netflix works

Those who do not have a good internet connection can still subscribe to the DVD delivery service: it costs between US $ 7.99 and 11.99 per month to receive 1 or 2 DVDs at a time. Shipping for the next business day is free, and DVDs can be returned at any time, without late fees. Revolutionary! And it netted $ 46 million in profit for Netflix in the second quarter of this year alone.

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