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THE Netflix started offering four different plans for its users in Malaysia: in addition to Basic, Standard and Premium, there is a new option called Mobile which costs about R $ 16 monthly. It allows you to watch and download movies and series on your cell phone, but only in 480p resolution; it is not possible to transmit the content to a TV, nor access it via computer.


The Mobile plan catalog is exactly the same as the other modalities, including original content aimed at users in Malaysia. You can download movies and series to watch offline, and Smart Downloads downloads the next episodes as you watch a series. There are no ads, and canceling is as easy as ever.

According to Netflix, its subscribers in Malaysia “already watch twice as much content on their cell phones than the average of our members”. 88% of the population has a smartphone, and 78% of internet users in the country stream and download entertainment.


Netflix tests cheaper Mobile plan in other countries

The Mobile plan has been in testing in Malaysia since last year, and has now become official. This option was also officially launched in India to expand the Netflix user base in emerging countries. The restrictions are the same: streaming on a single screen at a time, and content playback at up to 480p.

As noted by TechCrunch, Netflix executives said last week that they were “satisfied” with the performance of the Mobile plan in India: “So far, the acceptance and retention of our Mobile plan in India has been better than our initial tests suggested.”

Netflix says it continues to test mobile-only plans in other markets, without revealing which ones. Product director Greg Peters mentions that there will be more plan structures in the future; in some countries, the company tested weekly plans.

With information: Netflix, TechCrunch.

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