Netflix has 10 million subscriptions and exceeds pay TV – Telecommunications

We are already aware that streaming services have rocked the content consumption market, and the Netflix is one of the main responsible for this. The company confirmed that it surpassed the mark of 10 million subscribers in the country, having a larger customer base than any pay-TV operator in Brazil. Worldwide, Netflix has over 150 million payers.

Netflix / Caspar Camille Rubin / Unsplash

The information was released by Netflix itself for the column Ricardo Feltrin. Based on audience data, the column estimated, in June, that the service had 12 million subscriptions and annual sales of R $ 4.5 billion, practically half of TV Globo’s figure.

Considering the base of 10 million users, Netflix is ​​already bigger than any Brazilian pay TV operator. Anatel market data in July 2019 reveal that the group Claro / NET, with 49.34% of the market, had 8.1 million contracts. Sky, Hi andLivetogether, they have 7.9 million subscribers.

The pay-TV service has suffered from declines in customers in Brazil. In one year, operators had a 7.43% reduction in the number of contracts.

Keeping that number will not be easy

The numbers released by Netflix refer to the month of April 2019 and can fluctuate greatly from one month to another: canceling your Netflix subscription is easy, there is no loyalty whatsoever and the company sells prepaid cards with subscriptions that last between one and three months.

In addition, the dispute in streaming is greater every day: the subscription to Amazon Prime costs R $ 9.90 and entitles Prime Video, O Apple TV + arrives in November also for R $ 9.90, apart from the competition with Fox Premium, HBO Go or Telecine Play. Meanwhile, Netflix’s most basic plan sells for R $ 21.90 with SD resolution.

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