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Netflix paid $ 100 million to maintain Friends in its catalog throughout 2019, facing competitors like Hulu and Apple. However, it may lose the license for this and other series in the near future, because AT&T has the broadcast rights and wants to launch its own service in the USA. It is not yet clear how this could affect Netflix in Brazil.

Netflix could lose Friends and DC Comics series in the


The streaming service from the operator AT&T should be launched in late 2019 with HBO series and films, as well as content from Turner Networks (responsible for channels such as TNT, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim) and Warner Bros. Television.

WBTV has in its catalog famous series like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Gilmore Girls, gossip Girl, Supernatural, Smallville, The Vampire Diaries, The OC, Doctor on call (ER) and many others. In addition, it produces and distributes DC Comics series as Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Gotham and Titans.

Series “must be exclusive”, including Friends

Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T, said this Tuesday (14) that the company “will bring many of these media rights and licensing rights back to ourselves, to put in our own SVOD product” for streaming.

Kevin Reilly, responsible for WarnerMedia’s future streaming service, said in February that he is willing to remove the “Warner crown jewels” from the competition, including Friends. “Sharing crucial resources like this is not a good model, my belief is that they must be exclusive,” he said. deadline.

Netflix could lose Friends and DC Comics series in the

The Flash

WarnerMedia spends about $ 14 billion a year to create original content. “What you’ll see happen over time is that more and more of that $ 14 billion will go to our own product – content to be put into our own product,” according to Stephenson.

Netflix itself has been betting on exclusive series; some of them are even produced by WarnerMedia, as The Dark World of Sabrina and The Kominsky Method. O Amazon Prime Video and HBO follow a similar strategy; and Disney announces that it will have several exclusive series in its future streaming service, involving content from Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars.

It’s in Brazil?

For Brazil, the effects of this strategy are not yet clear. WBTV series are spread across services like Netflix (Friends), Amazon Prime Video (Supernatural) and Globoplay (The Big Bang Theory). If AT&T is interested in launching an exclusive service here, these sitcoms could migrate from the catalog. Remember that the company already operates Cartoon Network Já! in partnership with local operators.

AT&T finalized the acquisition of Time Warner – now WarnerMedia – for about $ 108.7 billion last year. The company became the owner of HBO, WBTV and the Turner Broadcasting System, which owns channels such as CNN, Cartoon Network, TBS and TNT.

With information: Dallas News, The Verge.

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How to solve this? Will we have to pay a fee for each service? Will companies come together to launch “bundles” of streaming services, as in pay TV? Play and come and discuss with us!

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