Netflix considers paying bonuses to actors for successful films

At this point, it is nothing new for anyone: Disney + arrives in November promising an enviable collection and Apple TV + will debut in the same month at a very affordable price. Such as Netflix will react to that? One of the ideas is to pay bonuses to actors and producers for original productions that are quite successful on the platform.


Of course, if confirmed, this will not be Netflix’s only tactic to stay in the spotlight in an increasingly competitive market. But it makes sense for the company to bet on performance rewards: that would be a way to attract and retain talent for the platform.

As a rule, the agreements that Netflix maintains with producers, actors and studios are based on previously agreed values. Bonuses are even paid, but are based on renewals. For example, it is common for the cast of a successful series to receive higher values ​​for the following seasons.

On the one hand, this model guarantees good remuneration even for productions that are not very successful. On the other hand, films that were well received by critics and audiences end up not being rewarded in the same proportion.

According to sources heard by the BloombergScott Stuber, head of Netflix’s film division, has been talking to producers about exploring different partnership models. No decision has been made yet, but chances are good that the company will appeal to a trading model that resembles that of Hollywood.

THE Fast Company gives an interesting example. Robert Downey Jr. received $ 20 million to play Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame. Apart from this amount, the actor obtained an additional US $ 55 million because his contract provided an 8% bonus on the profit obtained from the film’s box office.

Netflix cannot follow this model accordingly because the company’s productions have no box office. Some are even shown in certain theaters, but, in general, the company has struggled to bring outstanding productions to major cinema chains.

The Irish, with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, is one of the great productions of Netflix

Irish, with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, is one of Netflix’s next big productions

On the other hand, Netflix can adapt this model to offer bonuses for the audience obtained within its platform. Thus, if a film reaches a certain number of users within a specific period after the release, actors, producers, screenwriters and the like could receive generous additional remuneration.

If the film gets to receive important awards, there could also be rewards for that.

Netflix does not comment on the matter, but it will be interesting if it follows this path. In addition to increasing the number of productions that differentiate the service, this model could tackle one of the problems that the company currently faces: the growing feeling that most of the platform’s original productions only serve to fill space.

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