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THE Netflix started the week with a news story that will delight fans of Eleven, Dustin, Mike and company: even if there’s no release date, the fourth season of Stranger Things was confirmed on Monday (30). The series is one of the platform’s biggest audiences and critics.

Strangers Things

Making a show so prestigious season after season is a huge challenge, but the Duffer brothers (Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer), creators and showrunners of Stranger Things, have succeeded. Netflix revealed that only the third season was watched by more than 40 million people, this only in the first four days after the premiere.

Faced with such a reception and generally positive criticism, the official confirmation of the fourth season was only a matter of time, not least because the third one left several questions in the air.

Stranger Things 3

But the answers won’t come anytime soon. The new season of Stranger Things has no premiere date. If we take into account that the third took more than a year and a half to launch, it is possible that the fourth will be available only in 2021, although some rumors suggest that it will arrive on Netflix until December 2020.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Duffer brothers said that the fourth season will be quite different from the previous ones. There are indications that the story will unfold outside Hawkins, the city that served as the stage for previous seasons, suggesting that the plot will become more complex.

Even the short video of Stranger Things announcing the new season reinforces this possibility:

Develop an intriguing plot, as well as ensure that the series maintains all the visual and performance standard that characterizes Stranger Things it requires a lot of work, which explains the likely delay.

Anyway, Netflix has already taken care of one of the most important details: the company signed a long-term contract with the Duffer brothers, not only for the fourth season of Stranger Things, but also for the production of other films and series for the platform.

Not surprising. With Apple TV + and Disney + coming, Netflix really has to worry about retaining talent.

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