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THE Netflix announced the series resident Evil, with real actors, and a total of eight episodes in the first season. The launch has no date yet to occur but the story will focus on the Wesker family, known for being the antagonist of the video game series from Capcom.

Netflix announces Resident Evil series focusing on Wesker family / Press Release / Capcom

According to the official summary published by Netflix, the series will take place in two different realities: one with sisters Jade and Billie Wesker, 14, who live in New Raccoon City and who, little by little, discover more about the dark secrets that your father may be hiding.

The other reality is about 15 years later. Jade, now 30, lives in a world where there are 15 million surviving human beings and 6 billion monsters, including people and animals infected with the T-Virus.

It is in this world that Jade struggles to survive, while being haunted by the secrets surrounding her family, especially her father and sister, Billie, whose whereabouts are unknown in that timeline.

As you can see, the series should bring an unprecedented story, even though it uses elements from the games, such as the T-Virus and the name Wesker, which makes reference to Albert Wesker, the main villain of the saga.

Netflix also took the opportunity to reveal that the show will be run by Andrew Dabb, who also worked on Supernatural and will be directed by Bronwen Hughes, The Walking Dead. The responsible studio is Constantin Film.

Old rumor

It is not the first time that a series of Resident Evil is related to Netflix. In January 2019 the site deadline informed that the program would already be in production. In February 2020, Netflix itself published the official announcement of the series, but removed it shortly thereafter.

Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso known to have produced and co-produced some video game-related animations, such as Castlevania, Dragon’s Dogma and Ingress.

Besides that, Resident Evil it is already an established series of films for cinema, with six features released. Apparently, the Netflix program must not have any relationship with these productions.

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