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A public civil action by the MPDFT (Public Ministry of the Federal District and Territories) obtained an injunction that NET and sure to correctly inform the technology used in their fixed internet services; in case of non-compliance, the fine amounts to R $ 35 million. The agency states that the companies advertise broadband with optical fiber omitting the information that the fiber does not reach the customer’s home.

Optical fiber

The TJDFT (Federal District and Territories Court of Justice) analyzed advertisements published by the Claro group that highlighted fiber optic technology as a differential in connection quality and security. However, the operator almost always serves the homes through coaxial cable, because the optical fiber is present only up to the pole.

In his decision, Judge Julio Roberto dos Reis says that the advertisements advertised are not false, but are incomplete, because they omit essential data and convey the idea that the transmission technology is made entirely by fiber.

It is controversial to say that Claro and NET services are delivered through optical fiber. In most cities, they adopt a standard known as HFC: it is a hybrid network that uses optical fiber until the node and coaxial cable from node to the residences. (O node is a kind of fiber to coax converter.)

Yes, the operator has a service in which the optical fiber arrives inside the consumer’s residence, but it was launched recently and coverage is restricted to very few cities. In it, the upload speed in broadband is much higher than what is offered through coaxial cable.

The judge determined that Claro and NET will have a period of 45 days to correct the advertisements and explain the scope of the optical fiber in a clear and explicit manner, under penalty of a fine of R $ 1 million per circulation event, limited to R $ 35 million . The decision is valid throughout Brazil.

O Tecnoblog contacted the Claro group in search of a position and will update the post with the answer.

Vivo uses term “fiber” for connections to copper network

Vivo is another company that also uses the nomenclature “optical fiber” to sell services delivered through metallic cables: the copper structure of the old GVT was baptized as Vivo Fibra after the acquisition of the operator, when in fact the last mile (connection of the node to the residence) is made by ADSL or VDSL technology.

The service is very different from Vivo Fibra with GPON technology, whose optical fiber goes to the consumer’s home and has better download, upload and latency speeds.

With information: TJDFT, MPDFT.

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