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SNK today announced (10) the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro, a console that surfs the wave of retro Nintendo consoles and brings 20 games in memory. The part that is out of the curve is that the console, which is inside the control, can work with its own games or as an external control for PCs and the Neo Geo mini.

neo geo arcade stick pro

Neo Geo was not so famous in Brazil, but the games that came out on the platform are icons of fighting game lovers, such as The King of Fighters, Art of Fighting, Samurai Shodown and Fatal Fury franchises – my favorite game was Metal Slug. Now SNK has announced its retro console that is not the tiny Neo Geo mini, but a controller that has the actual size of the arcade controls.

The Japanese company says that inside the memory are 20 games (I did not say which ones) and that they can be played on a TV, via HDMI connection. Or else work as an external control on the PC, via USB cable. The third option is to function as an external control for the Neo Geo mini.

neo geo arcade stick pro pc

When in console mode, it is possible to connect two Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro to play with a friend, sharing the same TV.

There is still no release date and no official price, but the producer guarantees that the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro will be released internationally at some point, and that pre-installed games may change from country to country – as Nintendo did with the selection. of games that are in the European and Japanese Super Nintendo Classic, for example.

With information: SNK.

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