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Will one day functions VPN are trivial features of any browser? Opera already has a mode like this, and soon, Firefox can follow the same path: the Mozilla is testing a VPN tool in your browser.

Firefox Private Network

For now, the Firefox Private Network, as the novelty was named, is only available as an extension in the beta version for desktop browsers. In addition, functionality can only be evaluated by users based in the United States.

A curious detail is that the VPN mode marks the return of Firefox Test Pilot, a program that allows users to have access to experimental features of the browser. Despite having been widely accepted, the program had been discontinued by Mozilla earlier in the year.

Now, Firefox Test Pilot returns focused on privacy and security. It makes sense that the VPN mode was chosen for this “re-launch”, therefore.

At least at the current stage, the Firefox Private Network it has only two main purposes: to protect the user’s connection to prevent data such as passwords and credit card numbers from being intercepted; limit the actions of tracking ads and collecting browsing data, after all, the VPN “camouflages” the IP of the user’s connection.

As with any tool of its kind, Mozilla points out that the function under test will be useful to protect user data when using public Wi-Fi networks, for example.

Firefox Private Network

In contrast, Firefox Private Network does not allow the user to choose regional servers to access services that suffer from geographic restrictions, at least not at the current stage. For now, the tool displays a button on the browser that just turns the mode on and off – maybe that’s why Mozilla avoided using the name VPN in the project.

If and when will the new feature reach stable versions of Firefox? We don `t know yet. But Mozilla seems determined to provide a VPN mode for the browser.

First because the organization struck a deal with ProtonVPN last year to make a feature like this available to some users in the United States for $ 10 a month. In addition, Mozilla has been working on a premium (paid) version of Firefox that may have VPN among its attractions.

With information: VentureBeat.

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