Motorola prepares cell phone with retractable front camera and screen without notch | Cell phone

THE Motorola is joining Xiaomi, Huawei and OnePlus: it is preparing a new cell phone, whose name is still unknown, with a retractable front camera for a screen without notch. Leaked photos show a pop-up module that rises from the top to take selfies.


Evan Blass had already shared two images of this new Motorola device, and now the XDA Developers obtained photos confirming that he actually has a pop-up camera for selfies. The images had to be edited to protect the identity of the source, so several parts are pixelated.

Thanks to the retractable camera, the screen does not need notch to reduce the top edge. However, there is a chin with the Motorola logo (still that). The screen is flat and has rounded corners.


Motorola phone may come without Android One

O XDA Developers believes that this phone will not be part of the Android One program. The layout of the home screen is the same as the Motorola One Zoom launched today, which will not have guaranteed updates from Google. And it is different from the standard that we see on Motorola One Vision and One Action (Google weather widget at the top, Google bar at the bottom, gesture navigation enabled).

Details are still scarce: we do not know the resolution of the front camera, nor what the rear will look like. The name of this phone is still a mystery, but it should appear soon – Motorola has been experiencing several leaks in recent months.

Motorola leaked front

The retractable camera is a way to increase the use of the screen without relying on a notch. It is present in the Xiaomi Mi 9T, officially on sale in Brazil; in addition to the Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 which was approved by Anatel and should reach the country. The OnePlus 7 Pro also features a motorized camera for selfies.

The next step is to embed the front camera behind of the screen. Xiaomi and Oppo work on this technology: they presented their prototypes in June, but did not give a deadline for launch.

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