Motorola phone with thin edges and no notch leaks in images | Cell phone

An unknown Motorola smartphone had two images leaked by Evan Blass’s Twitter account, which has a very positive past when it comes to cell phone leaks. Still unnamed, the released image shows that the screen occupies the entire upper part of the front and that means that there is no notch here.

Leaked Motorola smartphone

Looking at the configuration of buttons on the side and the way the screen is curved at the top edges, the leaked image reminds me of something close to the Motorola One Vision, which has exactly the same shape as these points, only with a hole for the front camera . The aspect ratio also resembles the Android One model, as it appears to be much more rectangular than a conventional display.

Motorola leaked front

If on the one hand these points are positive, one that feels less good is the name “Motorola” on the bottom edge. As there are no images of the rear and no information beyond the two images, it is difficult to guess if this will be a next Motorola One, or if it is part of another line of the company like the Moto G, or Moto Z.

Within the Motorola One line, rumors point to launches in a short time of One Zoom, One Action and the probable One Pro. One Action was already approved by Anatel in June this year, which releases the device for sale in Brazil.

With information: XDA-Developers and Twitter.

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