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THE Motorola is accelerating the launches of its cell phones on the One line: the XDA Developers got information about the Motorola One Macro, including a MediaTek processor, HD + screen and 4,000 mAh battery. The cell phone is already mentioned in the approval system of Anatel, and is being certified for sale in Brazil.

Moto G7 Play

Moto G7 Play

The source of XDA Developers says the Motorola One Macro will have a MediaTek processor instead of Qualcomm. It would be being prototyped with the MT6771 platform, which includes the Helio P60 and Helio P70; both have similar performance to the Snapdragon 660.

The Motorola One Macro should bring 3 to 4 GB of RAM, 32 to 64 GB of storage, and battery with a capacity of 4,000 mAh. The screen would have HD + resolution (1520 × 720) and 19: 9 aspect ratio; the size is still unknown, but it should be close to the 5.7-inch Moto G7 Play.

Motorola One Macro appears on FCC and Anatel systems

Depending on the country, the new Motorola phone has the model name XT2015-2, XT2016-1 or XT2016-2. Two of these models (XT2015-2 and XT2016-2) already appear at Anatel and the FCC, the US approval body.

As noted by Cesar Cardoso, of Mobile Penguins, the two devices appear in Anatel’s system through the autocomplete feature, which shows devices still in the process of approval. The agency has not yet published any documents about them.

Moto G8 Play at Anatel

The FCC, however, has already certified both devices. They will come with a KG40 battery – which also appears on Anatel’s system – and a 10 W (5V / 2 A) charger. The US agency document mentions specific shippers for Brazil, the European Union, the United Kingdom, India, Argentina and Chile.

Moto G8 Play at the FCC

Brazilian Sergio Buniac, global president of Lenovo’s mobile division, said in an interview with Value that the pace of Motorola releases will increase. The company wants to place its products on the market as soon as development is ready, instead of waiting for specific moments.

The strategy of launching more phones has been successful: Motorola made a profit for three consecutive quarters after suffering years of losses – including when it was part of Google.

The source of XDA Developers initially said that this would be the Moto G8 Play, but it corrected itself. It is worth remembering that the site correctly advanced several details about the Motorola One Vision, Moto G7 Power and Moto E6.

Updated 9/11

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