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Motorola has launched a walkie-talkie that wants to make space in the smartphone market by offering a touch screen, colored and called APX Next. The device continues to use the same radio waves as always for this type of device, but it also allows the conversation to happen via 4G.

apx next

You may have been wondering something about using a serious-looking walkie-talkie, which is not a toy – I had some when I was a kid. In this model from Motorola (who created the first, called the SCR-300 in 1940 and was for World War II), it inserted a touch screen, but it can be used in the rain and even with thick gloves.

In addition, APX Next works with 4G (LTE) and also with the radio waves used in this type of gadget, which are called LMR and work in almost any situation – ideal for places where the cell signal is busy or inoperative , as in a disaster.

apx next front

Another novelty for a walkie-talkie is that this launch uses a voice command assistant, which needs a physical button to function and the press of a button to hear the response. In it, the user, usually a policeman or fireman, can request data about a vehicle by speaking the license plate number, information about a person and, later on, translating languages ​​and calling for reinforcements.

All of this with a noise cancellation system that, according to Motorola itself, is able to work even in very noisy environments; whether for voice command or for conversation between the two sides.

apx next rain

The Motorola APX Next is now available for sale, but Motorola does not say the price. The goal, as it should already be clear, is not the end user and the amount depends on how many will be purchased. Ah, of course, Motorola here is Motorola Solutions, which is not the same Motorola Mobility that was bought by Google and is now from the Chinese Lenovo.

With information: Motorola.

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