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A team of researchers from South Korea has developed a cell phone case called the CaseCrawler, which comes with small robotic legs and that can crawl the whole set towards a wireless charger. The idea is very similar, in a way, to what the most intelligent vacuum robots on the market already do.


Imagine a world where the low battery phone lifts off the floor, dust off your knees and goes to a charger. As bizarre as the idea may seem, a group of Korean researchers at Seoul National University developed it with CaseCrawler. The cover has tiny legs that shake everything and even manage to climb obstacles that are on the table, like a book.

Of course, having an engine on the cover makes the case generously large and heavy, with 82 grams just for it and a separate area for the whole brain of moving muscles. The legs, when not in use, are bent to keep the back of the case straight and the movement, even if it looks like a shaking, makes the device move forward until it stops at a wireless charging station.

The team created a version of the same engine, but without trying to be a case for cell phones, which weighs 23 grams and it managed to carry a weight of just over 300 grams. This means that this engine is capable of lifting 13 times its weight and 300 grams is more weight than the vast majority of smartphones launched today.

CaseCrawler is still a project and it is far from entering any production line, but I would certainly be scared to hear the noise of my cell phone walking towards the outlet at dawn. I prefer to do everything by hand, shy Transformer!

With information: Gizmodo and IEEE.

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