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Mojang, the developer responsible for Minecraft, announced this week that players of the version of the game created in Java will need to log in with a Microsoft account. The novelty is not yet mandatory, but it will be already at the beginning of next year.

Minecraft (Image: Mojang / Microsoft Studios / Disclosure)

Minecraft (Image: Mojang / Microsoft Studios / Disclosure)

Play Minecraft already requires a Microsoft account on several platforms for some time, especially after the purchase of Mojang by the software giant in 2014. This detail was not present in the Java version of the game, which is the first developed and still with a large audience .

This scenario starts to change in the coming weeks and login with a Microsoft account will become mandatory in the beginning of 2021. The developer says that players with a Mojang account will be able to migrate the account to Microsoft, without losing any information.

In most cases, even the username can be kept, as long as it is available on the Microsoft side and does not comply with the rules of use of the American company.

Two-step authentication arrives at Minecraft

According to the developer, the biggest advantage for migration is security. Players who link their Mojang accounts with Microsoft will be able to add two-step authentication, block chats, invitations and will have improvements in parental control. In addition, all available versions of Minecraft can be accessed with the same account and those who migrate will receive a special cover in Java Edition.

The migration will happen gradually and players will receive an email from the developer, along with notification within the profile, with the necessary steps. Even after logging out of the Mojang account, the Java version of Minecraft it will still be able to run as it currently does, including the mods and skins that are created by the community.

Another thing that doesn’t change is crossplay: you only play Minecraft Java Edition who has the same game on the PC.

With information: Mojang.

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