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Microsoft is opening the pre-registration for Minecraft Earth for users who want the game on an Android. The game uses mechanics similar to what was presented in Pokémon Go and Ingress, is still in closed tests can be evaluated by users with the Google mobile operating system around the world.

pre registration minecraft earth

Minecraft Earth was announced in May this year, as a game that will use devices capable of running augmented reality apps to take the blocks of the famous game to the whole world. The idea follows the steps of capturing Pokémon in Pokémon Go, but with its own details that even allow multiplayer.

From the smartphone or tablet, the player needs to walk around the real world to collect materials and, with them, can build houses, forts and everything else to think about. The buildings will be on a full-scale scale and friends will be able to view your works of art in the same place where you built them – if it is in your backyard, they need to go there to see what you have done.

The first closed tests of the game started last month and a new wave, with more locations and players, will happen next week – we just don’t know if this second beta stage will be open or closed to the public. At this time players (only iOS users) who are already inside can only collect materials and create others, without interacting in multiplayer mode with each other’s creations.

If you’re interested, just click this link and sign up for upcoming tests. A Microsoft or Xbox Live account is required to be able to play and you need an Android 7 or higher, or an iPhone with at least iOS 10. The pre-registration that is open only provides an alert for when the game is running. available (after the beta) for your device.

With information: The Verge and Android Police.

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