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Microsoft has accused those responsible for a tool called Ninjutsu OS, which significantly modifies Windows 10, of violating a copyright law (DCMA) from the software giant. The company’s action eliminated the software distribution link that existed within Github, but the group’s crowdfunding page remains standing.

ninjutsu windows 10 changed

Changing Windows is nothing new and has been happening for a long time, with features that promise to make the operating system lighter (this type of modification was famous in Windows XP) by removing underused software and drivers, or changing data to promote greater privacy of the user. This second point was in the objectives of Ninjutsu OS.

In this modified version, Windows 10 gained approximately 800 tools that include hardware monitoring, VPN manager, Google Chrome and even a torrent client, in addition to the removal of others that did not fit the project – one of the removals is from OneDrive and the other is Cortana. The idea was to deliver Windows 10 with the changes already ready in just one installation, which require more technical knowledge to be done separately.

The project has an account with Patreon to financially help the group of developers responsible for Ninjutsu OS, while hosting and disseminating the download link was on Github. Microsoft targeted Github to demand the removal of links based on an American copyright law, called DCMA.

Microsoft’s accusations also point to unauthorized changes to the operating system, in addition to removing Windows 10 components that cannot happen, even for the user who purchased the OS.

For now the link to download the modified Windows 10 image is out of Github, but the crowdfunding page continues to function normally on Patreon.

With information: TorrentFreak.

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