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O xCloud, Xbox game streaming service for mobile phones, is expected to arrive on iOS in 2021. This is indicated by a rumor published by Business Insider, with information that Microsoft plans to launch a webapp, via browser, to use the service on the platforms of Apple.

xCloud should arrive on iOS in 2021 (Image: Microsoft)

xCloud should arrive on iOS in 2021 (Image: Microsoft)

Currently xCloud is available for Android devices and allows you to enjoy titles from the Game Pass catalog on mobile phones, via streaming. The idea is that this type of function also reaches iOS, circumventing the rules of the App Store, but without necessarily breaking rules.

The website The Verge also cites the information and says that the head of the Xbox division, Phil Spencer, mentioned in a meeting with employees that a browser version for xCloud was already under development and that “it would certainly be released on iOS”.

Other Apple restrictions

Apple is not in favor of apps available on the App Store that allow streaming or game catalogs. For this reason, not only xCloud but also Stadia are not available on the platform. For Apple, developers need to submit their games separately to their online store.

Remember that Luna, the recently announced service from Amazon, is confirmed for iOS and also works as a streaming game catalog. However, in the same way that Microsoft plans, Luna will come through a webapp, without using the App Store to offer its facilities.

There is no specific date for xCloud to reach iOS in 2021, but it shouldn’t be long. Microsoft also plans to launch the novelty for Windows 10, allowing exclusive console games to run on the PC through the Game Pass catalog – thereby expanding players’ options.

With information: The Verge, Business Insider.

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