Microsoft to end classic Skype in November | Applications and Software

Microsoft announced on Thursday (27) a new date to end support for Skype 7.0, the classic version of the service. According to the company, users will be able to use it until November 1 on computers. On mobile phones and tablets, the limit is November 15th.

In a blog statement, Microsoft recommends that users migrate as soon as possible for the new version. “While you can use old versions for a while, we encourage you to upgrade today to avoid any disruption.”

Skype 8

You have until November to migrate to Skype 8

Initially, the deadline for Skype 7.0 to be discontinued was September 1. The company decided to revise the date after users criticized the update. The service started to allow HD video calls with up to 24 people and gained features such as simplified file sharing.

However, the new version also lost some facilities, such as the one that allowed to keep several conversation windows open at the same time on the desktop. Since the first announcement about the end of classic Skype, Microsoft has been trying to strike a balance between the two versions.

“We continue to work on the most requested features,” said the company, which recalled new features on Skype. “We recently launched call recording and started to release the option to search in a conversation.”

Without going into further detail, Microsoft said the service will soon give you the option to add phone numbers to existing contacts and offer more control over your status.

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