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Microsoft has published a document stating that accounts on the company’s platform, which have been inactive for more than two years, will be automatically deleted. The change proves to be drastic, but will not involve users who have already purchased a service within the online store, or who still have money stored in the virtual wallet.

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To consider that an account is inactive, just do not use it for any purpose for two years in a row – this even includes a login. Before the new standard, the deadline for considering an account as inactive was five years.

Some exceptions to this deadline were listed such as having made purchases at the company’s online store (such as an Office 365 subscription or extra space on OneDrive), having a subscription associated with a Microsoft account, having an application published on the Microsoft Store, if you received any certificate of some course offered by the software giant, if it remains with a balance in the virtual wallet, if it is part of a family account or if there is a court order for the account to remain active.

This change will take effect from August 30th of this year and if your account has been inactive for more than two years, still within the previous rule, just login so that it is not deleted from the servers.

Remember that some services use different periods of inactivity, as is the case with and OneDrive, both with one year without access to identify the account as without activity.

With information: Microsoft.

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