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IOS users may receive a new Xbox app soon, which will allow them to play Xbox One titles via streaming via Apple phones. The feature arrived for Android devices earlier this week and, in addition to the smartphone, requires a console to function.

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With the novelty, iPhone owners will be able to use the phone to give commands to the games – the Xbox One works as a kind of server, and must be connected and connected, but not necessarily to the same network as the mobile device. Microsoft recommends that users use 5 GHz Wi-Fi (802.11 ac) networks for a better experience.

The idea is that the feature gives players another screen option to play titles, eliminating the use of TV, for example. Something similar already exists on PS4 – Remote Play is available for Android and iOS.

In part, the function aims to calm the spirits of those who yearn for xCloud, which remains available only for Android. Microsoft has condemned strict game store policies on the App Store, which require the company to submit each game individually for review.

Redesigned design to unify ecosystem

Xbox App iOS

The new iOS app also gained a complete redesign of the layout, in addition to new features, with the goal of making the Xbox ecosystem experience unified across all supported devices.

Testing started with TestFlight members, and the news is expected to be released publicly on the App Store soon.

With information: Verge, Android Central and MacRumors

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