Microsoft Surface Earbuds are true wireless headphones with a focus on music and voice | Gadgets

All technology companies are introducing fully wireless headsets. This Wednesday (2), the turn of the Microsoft, with Surface Earbuds. Focused on music and voice, they are a response to the Apple AirPods with a higher price and an even stranger design.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds

Surface Earbuds are Microsoft’s second major push into the headset market, after Surface Headphones. The pair has a more ergonomic design, according to Microsoft, for supporting itself in a balanced way in two points of the ear. On the other hand, he leaves out a not very discreet circle (I don’t know if it is worse to have cigarettes in your ear or an reamer out of place).

The Surface Earbuds’ battery can withstand eight hours of continuous music playback, with the case offering two more full charges – that is, 24 hours of battery life in total. Each side of the headset has two microphones to reduce noise and improve performance in Office dictations and voice calls.

The circular surface accepts gestures to control what you’re listening to, but Microsoft has added more intelligence to the Surface Earbuds: if you connect them to an Android, you can give “a few simple touches” to open Spotify and play a perfect song for that one moment without having to touch the phone screen.

There is integration with Office, making it possible to advance slides of a PowerPoint presentation by swiping on Surface Earbuds, for example. Through noise reduction microphones, you can also dictate subtitles in real time, and your speech will be transcribed.

In the United States, Surface Earbuds will be sold by the end of the year for $ 249 – far more expensive than AirPods, which go for $ 159.

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