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Cortana is gradually leaving Microsoft products to become just an application. The most recent change involves the Xbox One, which stopped displaying the wizard on its home screen after an update released this week.

According to Microsoft, it will no longer be possible to activate Cortana via a headset connected to the Xbox One. This is because the company is migrating “from console experiences to cloud-based assistant experiences”.

Microsoft removes Cortana and updates Xbox One home screen

To send any voice commands to the console, such as turning on, adjusting volume, starting games or taking screenshots, you will need to use Cortana or Alexa applications. Both have integration with the device.

Voice commands were released on the Microsoft console a few years ago. Initially, it was enough to say “Xbox” and then indicate the desired action. In 2016, when the assistant joined the device, the command became “Hey, Cortana”.

Cortana’s departure from the Xbox One comes weeks after Microsoft removed it from the Windows 10 bar and offered it as a separate app on the Microsoft Store. The company seems to be focused precisely on improving the assistant versions for iOS and Android.

The Xbox One update isn’t just about Cortana. The console’s home screen has been simplified to allow quick access to services such as Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Community, Mixer and Microsoft Store, in addition to the latest games.

“We listened to your comments and continue to redo the home screen to get you in touch with your gaming experiences more quickly and keep more of your content in front and center,” explains Xbox Insider team leader Bradley Rossetti.

The change to the home screen and the removal of Cortana from Xbox One are being tested with participants from the Xbox Insider Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead rings. The company is expected to bring the change to all Xbox One users by December.

With information: Microsoft, The Next Web.

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