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A few days before the official launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the software giant inflated the game even during the pre-sale. The increase may be a reflection of the very complicated exchange rate that happens within Brazil, but it is still bad news.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Flight Simulator is one of the biggest game releases for this year, but not in a generic type of game, but in a simulator. The time between this and the last game in the franchise, Flight Simulator X, is 14 years and the advances promised for the 2020 game are quite impressive.

Altogether there are more than 37 thousand airports spread around the world, 2 million cities mapped and 1.5 billion buildings, mountains, streets, trees, rivers, animals and traffic that were elaborated with a mixture of artificial intelligence, with satellite photos and soil information.

While some cities have gained 3D constructions molded manually to increase realism, others use machine learning to get close and create buildings automatically. Some errors even happen with AI, such as the Elevador Lacerda de Salvador (BA) that was interpreted as a residential building, or the absence of the Estaiada Bridge in São Paulo (SP).

During the pre-sale of the game, which started on July 13, prices were fixed at the Microsoft Store at R $ 199.95 for the Standard version, R $ 279.95 for the Deluxe version and R $ 339.95 for the Premium Deluxe. What changes from one version to another is the number of more detailed aircraft and airports: there are 20 planes in Standard, 25 in Deluxe, 30 in Premium Deluxe and 30, 35 and 40 airports detailed respectively – Galeão, from Rio de Janeiro, is on the list of most realistic airports.

Now, days before the official launch of the game, Microsoft has readjusted the values ​​by up to 26.47% and they are like this:

  • Flight Simulator Standard: R $ 249.95 (25% increase)
  • Flight Simulator Deluxe: R $ 339.95 (increase of 21.43%)
  • Flight Simulator Premium Deluxe: R $ 429.95 (increase of 26.47%)

The new Flight Simulator will be released worldwide on August 18 for PC and Xbox One. The Standard version is part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

With information: Aeroin.

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