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Microsoft released yet another test version of Windows 10 in its Insider Preview program, build 18950 and the main novelty is the possibility of restoring the computer with an image of the operating system, which is downloaded from the software giant’s servers.

Windows 10 restored on a PC

This feature is not new for anyone using an Apple computer, since macOS allows an image of the OS to be downloaded in case something goes wrong with the machine. The solution lies in a kind of security division that automatically enters when macOS does not start up correctly.

A Twitter user found that this recovery mode does not eliminate the possibility of reinstalling Windows from the system already present in the internal memory, or from an external media that has Windows 10 – such as a USB stick or DVD. leak-shows-a-cloud-restore-option-for-a-factory-reset% 2F

There is still no information on a very important aspect for computers that do not run macOS: drivers. Windows 10 is already capable of identifying, on its own, which drivers are needed for each hardware manufacturer and this works in many cases, but as the PC world is numerous, it would be interesting if the downloaded copy from the cloud is already accompanied by the drivers needed.

Even though present in this version of Windows, Microsoft warns that “the feature is not available and working yet” and that “we will notify you as soon as everything is working, so that you can try it out”.

In addition to downloading the installer image, this build of Windows 10 carries some less interesting news, such as captures grouped in the same window of the Capture and Sketch tool and the possibility of zooming after the screen capture.

With information: Microsoft.

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