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Microsoft is releasing new space purchase options on OneDrive, which now allow the user to increase 200 GB cloud storage by 200 GB. The increment can be added to what is already delivered with Office 365 subscription, which offers 1 TB without extra costs and the maximum added can reach 2 TB.


So far, OneDrive offers 5 GB for free, 100 GB with a monthly subscription of R $ 9 and 1 TB, which comes with the entire Office package and 60 monthly minutes for national, international calls with Skype, costing R $ 24 per month. Now, in addition to 1 TB, you can add even more space in 200 GB packages.

onedrive expanded space plans

The monthly subscription choices are 200 GB for R $ 9, 400 GB for R $ 18, 600 GB for R $ 27, 800 GB for R $ 36 and 1 extra TB with cost of R $ 45, which can only be entered over 1 TB contracted with Office 365.

Personal safe was also released

Another novelty is that more users have started to receive the Personal Safe. It is a separate folder from other folders and requires some higher level of security, be it a second stage of identity verification by fingerprint, facial recognition, PIN, code by email or SMS.

Microsoft Personal Safe

In the free plan it is possible to add up to three files to the vault, while in any subscription contract the space respects the cloud limit that the account has. The files can be accessed from the version of OneDrive for smartphones, tablets, PCs and the session is open for up to 20 minutes – after that it requires a new login.

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