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THE Microsoft offers integration with other email services in your Outlook application for iPhone, Android and Windows; now it’s time for the web version. O is starting to integrate the Gmail, Google Drive and Google Calendar so you can access your emails, files and appointments in one place.

Gmail and Google Drive on

The novelty was discovered by Florian Beaubois, from the website focused on Microsoft: he received a notice on suggesting adding Gmail and Google Calendar; just follow a quick setup process.

Then, it is possible to access the emails from the Google account in a new icon in the sidebar; this selector is similar to what already exists in Outlook for iOS and Android. This can be useful for those who prefer for their personal account, but need to receive work emails through G Suite.

Gmail and Google Drive on allows you to attach files from Google Drive

In addition, Google Drive integration allows you to attach documents and files directly to compound emails on; is something interesting for those who divide the digital life between Docs, Office 365 and OneDrive. You’ll also see your Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar appointments side by side.

For now, only allows you to integrate Gmail accounts. Meanwhile, the Microsoft application for Android, iOS and Windows supports Yahoo Mail and other services.

Few people have access to Gmail integration with, and this still seems to be in its infancy: for example, when you click on the sidebar to switch between accounts, the entire page loads again. Microsoft has not yet publicly commented on this new feature.

Gmail and Google Drive on

With information: The Verge, 9to5Google.

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