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O Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 went on pre-sale this Monday (13): aviation fans can already purchase in advance the airplane simulator developed by Asobo Studio and Xbox Game Studios, from Microsoft. The launch is scheduled for the second half of August 2020.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (Photo: Disclosure / Microsoft)

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 promises to offer the most realistic experience possible with the help of satellite data and Bing Maps, as well as artificial intelligence capabilities, to represent the planet. According to Microsoft, the simulator has more than 2 million cities and 1.5 billion buildings, in addition to 2 trillion trees and the like.

The new simulator will also have at its disposal the inclusion of about 37 thousand airports, weather conditions and real-time air traffic, night flights and a wide variety of aircraft, from light planes to commercial jets, and other news to enhance the Microsoft experience. Flight Simulator 2020.

The launch of the new generation of Flight Simulator is scheduled for August 18. The simulator, however, can already be purchased in advance in Brazil and other countries as of this Monday (13). The airplane simulator is in pre-order ( in three editions with the following suggested prices:

  • Standard Edition (included with Xbox Game Pass): R $ 199.95, with 20 airplanes and 30 “highly detailed” airports;
  • Deluxe Edition: R $ 279.95, with 25 airplanes and 35 airports;
  • Premium Deluxe Edition: R $ 339.95, with 30 planes and 40 airports.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will only be available for Windows 10. According to the developers, the minimum requirements to run the simulator are the Intel Core i5-4460 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200 processor, Nvidia GTX 770 or 2 GB Radeon RX 570 graphics card , 8 GB RAM, 150 GB storage and DirectX 11.

With information: Microsoft

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