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Microsoft is changing the Edge browser logo, bringing more resemblance to the new look of the Office program logo and, above all, further distancing the browser from the icon that has been used by Internet Explorer for so many years.

microsoft edge logo

If there’s one thing Microsoft needs to do to drive people’s hatred of Internet Explorer away, it’s burying the past. It started well when making the Edge based on Chromium, but this version is still in testing and far from the final audience. With the redesigned logo, which feels like an ocean wave that forms the ā€œeā€, the old browser’s past is even more distant.

Another point that draws attention is that this new look takes a ride on the icons of Office programs, which have the same type of colors that change the tone with straight lines. The curious thing is that this logo was already inside the Edge, but in a hidden way in a surfing game in the most recent Canary version – which is a testing stage of the program.

There is still no official date for the launch of the Chromium-based Edge, which can bring this new icon to your desktop or start menu, but there is a Microsoft conference scheduled for today (4) in Orlando and which could be home for news on the subject.

With information: The Verge.

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