Microsoft Edge for macOS launches ahead of schedule | Computer

Microsoft believes in the success of the Edge browser so much that it released a version of it that runs on computers running macOS. The browser marks the return of the software giant to Apple computers, after 16 years without creating this type of program for the platform.

Microsoft Edge for macOS launches ahead of schedule Computer

There was already an Internet Explorer made for Macs, launched in 1996 and which was discontinued by Microsoft in 2003. After 16 years it comes back, but with Edge and which appeared for download a little earlier than expected – since it was announced quickly yesterday (6). In addition, macOS users will have the same access to the development and testing versions (Canary channel) that are available for Windows 10.

In this version, the browser has support for common shortcuts on Macs (like using the command key instead of control for some functions) and Touch bar, which is on Macbook models.

An important visual change is in the tabs with rounded corners, something that does not exist in the interface for Windows and that is already in the list of changes that Edge will receive there. The detail is small, but it brings Edge even closer than what currently exists in the Chrome interface.

If you want to install the Canary version, which was found, just click here.

With information: The Verge.

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