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The new Microsoft Edge won an official release date: it will be generally available on January 15, 2020 with support for more than 90 languages. The browser uses the Chromium engine, as well as Google Chrome, and brings a new logo, collections, Internet Explorer mode and protection against crawling on the web. It is available on the desktop for Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and macOS.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft will release a release candidate version of Edge that can be downloaded at this link. It will join the Beta, Dev and Canary channels, which receive updates on different frequencies.

Yusuf Mehdi, vice president at Microsoft, note on an official blog that 60% of the time we spend on the PC is within the browser. I imagine that, therefore, the company could not simply give in to Chrome and give up making a browser. Instead, Microsoft preferred to use Chromium to increase compatibility with websites and expand Edge beyond Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge has web tracking protection

Microsoft Edge

Edge has the tracking prevention enabled by default. You can choose between basic, balanced and strict levels, or turn this feature off. Mehdi says that, combined with Defender SmartScreen, it can protect users from phishing scams and various types of malware, including cryptojacking (in which websites mine cryptocurrency without you knowing it).

There are also Collections, which allow you to gather different links and information you find on the web and export everything to a Word document. If you’re looking for prices, Edge can even save the data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft offers business-oriented features, such as a Internet Explorer mode for old sites. In addition, it will expand the App Assure from the first quarter of 2020: if a website works on IE11 or Chrome, but not on Microsoft Edge, “we will help you to fix the problem at no additional cost”.

There will also be an integration of Microsoft Search with Bing search on the web: you’ll be able to type an employee’s name in the address bar and find his or her team’s name or location in the office. You can get definitions for company acronyms and find other types of internal information.

Microsoft Edge can be used on currently supported versions of Windows: 10, 8.1, 7, Server 2008 R2 onwards, and macOS. There are also versions for iPhone, iPad and Android. It is worth noting that Windows 7 will lose support in early 2020, but will receive paid security updates until 2023.

Microsoft Edge

With information: Microsoft.

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