Microsoft back to smartphones with Surface Duo, a foldable with Android

This Wednesday (2) was the date chosen by the Microsoft to announce the news of the Surface line. And what news! One is the Surface Duo, foldable dual screen phone that, believe me, runs Android as an operating system.

Microsoft Surface Duo

In addition to the unusual format, the Surface Duo draws attention for, to a certain extent, marking Microsoft’s return to the mobile device market after the failure of Windows Phone. The plan here, however, is not to fight for space with conventional smartphones that are available in droves out there.

The idea is to allow the user to have the convenience of smartphones combined with new user experiences. For example, you can leave the Surface Duo horizontally so that the bottom screen shows a virtual keyboard, or keep it vertical to display two applications at the same time – one on each screen.

As the device runs Android, the user has access to the entire collection of applications on the platform. However, instead of Android 10, Microsoft put Android 9 Pie here – it’s a version adapted for two screens, obviously.

Microsoft has not yet released details about the hardware, but apparently the technical sheet will not be left wanting. It is said, for example, that the Surface Duo shown in the images is equipped with the Snapdragon 855.

The screens are each 5.6 inches in size. Together, they form an 8.3-inch display. Note in the video that the device can be folded in 360 degrees, so that one screen is facing away from the other.

The Surface Duo is still a product in development. Because of this, the technical data sheet, details of the external design and the version of the operating system must change when the product reaches the market.

This shouldn’t happen anytime soon: Microsoft’s forecast is that the Surface Duo will be released only in late 2020.

Let it be clear that this is not the only announcement from Microsoft this Wednesday. Among the other novelties are the Surface Pro X, Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3, in addition to the true wireless Surface Earbuds headphones. These, yes, will arrive soon.

With information: Wired.

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