MetrôRio releases recharge of Giro cards through PicPay | Applications and Software

MetrôRio users can now recharge the Giro card with another digital form, through PicPay. The resource allows any amount to be inserted in the transport card, which only needs the validator to transfer the recharged amount to the physical card that is used in this mode.

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PicPay enters as one of the ways to recharge the card, which can already be done at ticket counters and self-service locations at stations or through the Giro card application that exists Android and iPhone. In the digital wallet, just the transport card number and the user’s CPF, which is used to validate the card, for recharging to happen.

On the digital wallet side, payment can be made in the ways already used for other destinations and that means a credit card, or with a PicPay balance, which you can get there by bank transfer, or with the help of partners such as your bank account. Banco Original and Caixa’s virtual debit card.

In addition to PicPay, MetrôRio users can also use payment by proximity at stations with compatible turnstiles, which accept payments by NFC and which can be on services such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay and which are available on smartphones and smartwatches.

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