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The resource Watch Together (Watch Together) was announced on Monday (14) for video calls and Messenger Rooms (Rooms): you and your friends will be able to use the Messenger to watch videos from the Facebook Watch, a platform visited by more than 1.25 billion people each month. This is similar to the Facebook Watch Party, and resembles a similar Instagram feature called Co-Watching.

Watch Together on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger releases Watch Together

When the news reaches your account, you can watch group videos on iPhone, iPad and Android. There’s no secret: first, you start a video call in Messenger or create a Messenger Room. Then, open the menu by sliding your finger up and tap Watch Together.

You can watch videos with up to eight people on a traditional video call, and up to 50 people in a room. Messenger is used to make more than 150 million video calls each day.

Watch Together is being released globally this week, so it should take a few days before it is available on your mobile app.

Watch Together on Facebook Messenger

Facebook says that the resource can be interesting for artists, DJs, cooks or personal trainers, as a way to see other people interacting with your videos. Therefore, the social network has partnered with trainer Melissa Alcantara to create a series of videos with physical activities, allowing users to exercise with their friends as a form of motivation.

In March of this year, Instagram launched Co-Watching, which allows you to view posts with your friends via video chat through Direct. The Facebook Watch Party, to watch group videos, arrived in 2018.

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