Mercado Livre tests same day deliveries in São Paulo | Brazil

O Free market wants to deliver products the same day they are purchased. To this end, it is jointly testing with the startup Delivery Center a new solution for users in São Paulo who live near certain stores.

Free market

The information is Mobile Time, which points out that the pilot project is still limited to stores like Shopping Villa Lobos. According to the website, Mercado Livre presents some users with a button to show only products that “will arrive today”.

It appears only for users close to shopping malls served by the Delivery Center and who search from 10am to 6pm for products available on site. When the button is activated, Mercado Livre filters products that can be delivered on the same day.

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Mercado Livre tests same-day delivery (Image: Mobile Time)

The Free Market plan is to take the option to other regions and fast delivery partners. Delivery Center CEO Andreas Blazoudakis told the Mobile Time that the company intends to surpass the 200 hubs mark, that is, delivery centers, by 2021.

Today, the company has 20 hubs, which are used as a starting point for deliveries to customers within a radius of up to three kilometers. The startup, which proposes to complete delivery in an hour, says it currently achieves the goal in 45 minutes on average.

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