Mercado Livre opens warehouse and makes deal with Azul to speed up deliveries | Brazil

O Free market is trying to speed up the delivery of purchases made through the website: the company has a new partnership with Azul in 16 capitals for air transportation in up to one day; tests a program in São Paulo for marketplace sellers; and offers the option to pick up at a post office.

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Azul Cargo Express will be responsible for air deliveries of purchases made by Mercado Livre. The service will initially be offered in 16 capitals (which were not specified) to take orders in one day – this model is called “Next Day”.

“We are beginning to democratize delivery services more and more in one day, which are very concentrated in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro,” says Stelleo Tolda, cofounder of Mercado Livre, in a statement. “The future is Next Day delivery.”

In an interview with Reuters, Tolda states that Mercado Livre plans to carry out at least half of deliveries within 48 hours; for this, the company is making investments of R $ 3 billion in Brazil throughout 2019.

One of these investments is the new distribution center in Cajamar (SP), the same city where Amazon Brasil opened a warehouse. “We are advancing in the percentage of deliveries within two days; currently, 60% of deliveries made by fulfillment occur within this period, ”says Leandro Bassoi, vice president of Mercado Envios para Latin America.

Mercado Livre expands delivery options in the marketplace

Mercado Livre announced the Places program, which has been tested in the city of São Paulo: it enables specific locations to receive orders from marketplace sellers.

Basically, the seller takes all the products to one place, and a Mercado Livre team “follows up on shipping to the consumer more quickly”. This logistics model is known as cross-docking: the goods arrive at a distribution center to be sent to each customer as quickly as possible.

There will also be the possibility of sending for collection at the Post Office. In an email published by All Cell Phones, Mercado Livre explains that the seller can give this option to the customer; if accepted, he must go to one of the 6,000 branches of the state company to pick up the goods.

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With information: Estadão, Reuters.

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