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The Brazilian Saw sells cell phones from Meizu several years ago through its official website and marketplaces such as Submarino, Ponto Frio and Magazine Luiza. However, the company does not request the homologation of devices for years: of the eight models currently on sale, only one has been certified by the Anatel – and the authorization expires in September. Xiaomi and DL were involved in a similar controversy in Brazil.

Meizu M6 Note

Meizu M6 Note

The website Mobizoo was the first to notice this problem. In Anatel’s approval system, there are only five Meizu cell phones: the M5 Note (M621H), M5c (M710H), M3 Note, M2 Note (M571H) and MX4.

The authorization of the M5c, for sale on the Vi website, ends in September 2019. The approval of the M5 Note, which the company stopped selling, expires in October. The certification of the other three devices expired in 2017.

Vi currently lists eight smartphones in its online store: Meizu C9 Pro, C9, X8, M6T, M6s, M6 Note, M5c and Meizu 16th. Apart from the M5c, none of them appear in Anatel’s system.

Meizu at Anatel

We try to search for devices for sale by model name: for example, the Meizu M6T has the code “M811H”, the Meizu X8 is the “M852Q”, the M6 ​​Note is the “M721L”, and so on. Anatel’s system does not return any results, not even through the autocomplete function, which shows devices still in the process of approval.

Cesar Cardoso, from Mobile Penguins, explains to Tecnoblog that “if they do not appear, it is because they are not even in the approval list, as simple as that”. In other words, neither Vi nor any other company would have asked for these cell phones to be approved by Anatel.

In a statement to the Tecnoblog, Vi “informs that there are already company products approved for sale in the country and others in the process of approval, with orders already in process”.

Vi and Meizu

Anatel requires approval stamp under penalty of fine

Of course, Anatel requires that the approval stamp be present in every telecommunications product for sale in Brazil, including cell phones. Suppliers, distributors and manufacturers that sell products without this seal are subject to a “cumulative fine with suspension or cancellation of approval”, according to resolution 242 agency.

DL Electronics was involved in a similar case in June: it was selling some Xiaomi products without approval from Anatel. The company replied that “everything related to this is being dealt with directly with the regulator”, and the irregular products were released by the agency. The problem was with connected home items; meanwhile, all smartphones were authorized for sale in Brazil.

It is worth noting that Meizu is in financial trouble for facing giant competitors in China, such as Xiaomi and Huawei; she has made massive layoffs in the past two years. In 2019, the company received more than 100 million yuan (about US $ 14.5 million) from Zhuhai government fund, city where its headquarters are.

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