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The Match website is being sued in the United States for allegedly making matches between users and fake accounts. The service, which is maintained by the same owner as Tinder, would have adopted the practice to get new subscriptions.

Match is sued for using fake accounts to attract subscribers

The charge is made by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). According to the agency, Match obtained 499,691 new signatures between June 2016 and May 2018 through emails that informed people about the interest of third parties in their profiles.

Since Match offers a free account that prevents users from seeing new messages, you need to subscribe to the service to discover the other person’s identity.

When this happened, the service simply informed users that the alleged person who had been interested in them had been banned. When asking for a refund, the message was that there was no irregularity.

Now, the FTC tries to seek financial compensation from users who have been harmed. According to the authorities, Match has allowed false notifications to be sent hundreds of thousands of times to users of its free version.

The agency says that, on the other hand, the company carried out a more careful analysis of the subscriber combinations to ensure that they were authentic.

According to the The Verge, Match’s CEO, Hesam Hosseini, said in an email to company executives challenging the FTC process. He is said to have said the company identifies and neutralizes 95% of fake accounts within one day.

Hosseini also allegedly questioned the FTC’s name on fraudulent accounts. For him, Match could not be held responsible, for example, for bots, spam and people who use the platform to sell products or services to users.

“The FTC is likely to make outrageous claims that ignore all Mach efforts to prioritize the customer experience, including our efforts to combat fraud,” he said. “I believe that the FTC has misinterpreted our work here and we intend to counter any allegations.”

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