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Marshall solved one of the world’s first wireless headset problems: it added even more battery to the Major III Voice. The new headset is on-ear, works as a Google Assistant and offers up to 60 hours of continuous playback of music, podcasts or anything else.

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This is a very curious feat, since 30 hours is the average for the wireless headphones market – the big ones, which get more space for bigger batteries. The previous generation of Major III Voice, which has the name of Major III, already offered this autonomy and now it is half of the new model and its 60 hours away from the plug.

Even with so much battery and being a launch, the company does not comment on how long it takes for the recharge to happen (it should be enough). It did not follow the beauty of innovation and brings a microUSB connection. If the battery runs out and you can’t find a socket or power bank, a P2 cable can be used, but not on the latest smartphones, right ?!

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The drivers are 40 mm and physical controls can call the Google Assistant, but the small, shiny golden joystick is still present and is very handy when it comes to controlling the music you play.

The Marshall Major III Voice is in pre-order in Europe and the United States, with a suggested price of US $ 169. This is close to R $ 690, excluding taxes or taxes on currency conversion.

marshal major 3 voice

With information: The Verge.

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