Lighter MacBook with Apple Silicon may arrive later this year | Computer

THE Apple confirmed that the first Macs with Apple Silicon processors, based on ARM architecture, will be launched in 2020. One of the first models could be an ultraportable MacBook with a 12-inch screen: it would have an Apple A14X chip and a battery with autonomy between 15 and 20 hours.

MacBook Air with macOS

The information is China Times, which consulted sources within Apple’s supply chain. The new MacBook with Apple Silicon would be equipped with a 12-inch Retina display and weigh less than 1 kg, which is lighter than the current 1.29 kg MacBook Air. It should have a USB-C connection, as it already does with iPads and Apple laptops.

The processor, which is internally called Tonga and will also equip the next generation of the iPad Pro, will be called the Apple A14X, a more powerful variant of the Apple A14 that will be inside the iPhones 12. According to the vehicle, the development of the chip has already been completed and mass production will be handled by TSMC, in a new 5 nanometer process.

iMac with Apple’s own GPU would look for 2021

In addition to the ultraportable MacBook, Apple should launch an iMac with Apple Silicon and its own graphics chip, but the new computer should be only for the second half of 2021. An important detail is that, according to China Times, Apple canceled support for AMD graphics cards on macOS compiled for ARM, indicating that the machine will have an Apple GPU, as in iPhones and iPads.

Apple’s graphics chip for iMacs, codenamed Lifuka, would also be manufactured in TSMC’s 5 nm process. “The new GPU will provide better performance per watt and greater computational performance. It has deferred rendering technology based on blocks (TBDR) that allows developers to produce professional applications and more powerful games ”, says the website.

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