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LG has a true wireless headset called Tone + Free that offers a very interesting feature for a model that is in-ear: the ability to keep the headset clean for longer. It is not really a cloth that magically appears on the phone, but the use of ultraviolet light that promises to kill the bacteria that are there.

lg tone + free

This is the first completely wireless headset that the Korean brand launches on the market, since the previous Tone Free still has a kind of necklace that needs to be used. It has everything you would expect from this type of product.

This includes a tactile surface on the outside of the Tone + Free to control what is played, a small box that recharges the tiny batteries in each headset and promises up to six hours of use. In the case, 10 minutes of rest guarantee an hour of music. The pair also has IPX4 certification to withstand rain and sweat without problems, in addition to integration with Google Assistant.

What really calls attention is the ability to use ultraviolet light to at least kill bacteria and germs that remain in the phone after use. It is not yet a solution that removes sticky wax or other dirt, which would be great for those who borrow a headset, but it is a great start.

lg tone + free on hand

The LG Tone + Free will be launched in South Korea until the end of October, costing approximately US $ 215 and that means more or less R $ 880, without considering taxes or import duties. There is no forecast for launch in Brazil.

With information: Engadget and The Verge.

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